Gene Hracho, a nationally-exhibiting artist, creates mixed-media constructions in his studio in Reading, PA, with new and repurposed materials. In addition to his creative practice as an artist, he is an engineer who has been managing manufacturing operations for over 20 years, participating in the making of acoustic guitars, digital church organs, and troop-carrying helicopters, among many other things.

artist’s statement

My sculpture is built upon narratives, some recounted and some imagined, for which the physical works become relics.  Sometimes, the scars of the previous lives of the materials that are curated into the work become the lines with which I design the assemblages.  Occasionally, I manipulate found objects to give them the appearance of having a past different from that which they actually possess.  Their histories always contribute to the communication of the content.  Through these processes, the objects provide clues to the story of the personified objects as well as the person who conceived and produced them.